GMA RehearsalBuddy App - HowTo

Take timecoded rehearsal notes


  • iPhone or iPad
  • GMA RehearsalBuddy App (download)
  • A fast WiFi connection to your grandMA2 lighting console session

1. Prepare

Install GMA RehearsalBuddy App on your device.
Also connect your iPhone/iPad to your grandMA2 session using fast WiFi.
Make sure the WiFi connection is active and connected to your grandMA23 session. This can be tested for example by opening the web interface of a console.

2. Launch the app

Launch GMA RehearsalBuddy App and verify the connection to your gramdMA2 session.
Select the MANET2 session id and the TimecodeSlot at the settings page.
After successful launch, you should see (00:00:00:00) or any running timecode.

Hint: If you keep seeing “(no session)”, you have to disable all other network interfaces except the WiFi to MANET2 and restart the connector.

3. Take notes

You can start taking notes by switching to the “Add” tab.
Now you can enter notes and always have a timecode added as a reference.

Wou will find all notes at the “Notes” tab.
You can also edit or delete notes there, as well as marking notes as done or undone.

4. Export/Share notes

The “Export” tab provides lots of options for sharing the notes with your co-workers.
Share “Text Notes” with the built-in AirDrop feature so send notes to a co-worker.

This page was last updated: September 10, 2021